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aww thank you, dear ♥

So I suppose this is something of an I-don’t-know-how-temporary goodbye.

Maintaining this blog has lost its appeal. I feel like I’m just reblogging to keep my followers happy and that wasn’t what tumblr used to be for me. Because of this, my blog has become nothing but a queue. I feel some sort of obligation to all of you to keep my queue running even though I don’t want to log on. I don’t like this. I don’t like that this is what tumblr has become for me.

However, this isn’t the only thing that’s held me back from really returning to tumblr since I got back from my trip. I feel like I’ve missed a lot of what has gone on with my friends since I left, and the idea of catching up intimidates
 me and makes me feel uneasy. I feel like everyone has got along fine without me here and I don’t feel comfortable reinserting myself into everyone’s lives. I got a lot of messages while I was gone from people telling me they missed me, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around the concept of anyone actually missing me. I don’t mean to sound like I’m calling you all a bunch of liars, though I realize it sounds like I am, but I know that it’s extremely easy to say things that you don’t wholeheartedly feel and it’s easy to feign emotion on the Internet and so even though I’d really like to believe that I was missed, my mind is reluctant to let me. Even with all the “I miss you” messages, no one ever took me up on my offer to give them my Skype or my text number. So I don’t know. I love you guys, really I do, please don’t think that I don’t. And I’m not upset that no one tried to get in contact, I just feel like it’s further proof that tumblr is fine without me.

This is starting to sound like I’m throwing a pity party. I’m not. It’s just that on tumblr, two weeks is a long time and people move on from things quickly. In two weeks I’ve sort of felt myself move away on from Sherlock as I regained my inspiration to draw and I feel like the people here have moved on from… me, I guess? 

I might come back eventually, and for the time being I’ll make an attempt to keep my queue alive and check my messages when I do, but aside from that you won’t really find me here. The offer always stands to get my skype (or whatever im client you might use) or my texting number, or you can always find me on my art blog.

I love you guys. I’ll let you get back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

xoxo sloane 

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emmrys asked: "Rapunzel :D"

Name three Disney movies that you adore

ummm I love a lot of Disney movies so I’m just going to name the ones that come to my exhausted mind right off the bat.

Up, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast

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Anonymous asked: "i ship you with butts"

wow I should have seen this one coming

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sorry guys, since it’s summer, I may be fairly inactive in terms of reblogging and just generally being online. I’ll try to keep my queue full for when I’m not online.

ily guys don’t forget about me

Anonymous asked: "5, 17, 30, 40 & 43."

5. already vaguely answered <3

17. A virgin?

I’m assuming this means “are you a virgin” in which case, yes. the virginiest. 

30. Name the last person you talked to.

well, I am presently talking to brittany. but the last person I spoke actual words to was my dad.

40. Something that makes you happy.

well I was pretty happy when I watched my friends freak out about starfighter after I introduced them to it lolol

also icecream 
I’m so deep 

43. Who is the most important person to you?

ummm. probably mom because I love her a lot and I don’t know what I would do without her. seriously.

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disapparates asked: "5. Tumblr crush? | 32. The name of a person you do not support? | 36: A field / discipline that you do not support?"

5. my tumblr crush? hmm I don’t know that I have someone that I genuinely have a crush on on tumblr. there are a few people that I really want to be friends with because they seem like really wonderful people. especially in the art community. ; u ;

32. a person I do not support
um. rick santorum.
this is such an odd question.

36. this is another weird question.
um, I don’t know if this counts as a field or discipline, but I don’t support prostitution being illegal. I think that if it were to be made legal and regulated or whatever it could be a lot less problematic. plus it should be your own choice what you do with your body, not the government’s.  

Anonymous asked: "hey sexy face whats upppp???"

not much wbu

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solmes asked: "1, 10, 24, 31"

1. Slept naked?

many, many times.

10. Is there sickness?

no, sickness is a lie.

24. How long have you had tumblr?

I wanna say I made it in the spring of 2011, but I’m not sure. I wasn’t really active on tumblr until fall of 2011, though. (or something like that)

31. A song that sticks in your head?

basically if a song is played or mentioned or sung in my presence and I know any of the lyrics or the tune at all, it will be stuck in my head until I hear something else. 

lately it’s been okkusenman, though.

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u ok

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u ok